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‘The Book of Sacred Baths’ has 52 bathing rituals to revitalize Your Spirit.  It helps you to transform your life in five major life areas, to center, relax and increase your intuition and creativity.  There is a bath for every week of the year and this beautiful book will serve you for life.

I wanted this website to be your doorway to using your bath as a path to transformation.  So, there’s a general introduction to a number of relevant areas surrounding your bathing rituals.  In this ‘More’ section you will find information on:

Sacred Bath Therapy – Sacred Bath therapy is a process of bathing where you call in a higher power, light a candle, use essential oils, create an intention and use prayer, visualization and more.  My book goes into detail about this, giving you specific meditations for different life areas.

Couples Bath Therapy – You can also do sacred bath rituals as a couple to bond you, aid communication, further relaxation and work on shared goals.  My book has a number of couples baths for those who are in long-term relationships or married.

Bath products – I’ve included a list of related bath products to strengthen your intention and elevate your sacred bath experience here.

Sacred Bath Videos – I’ve created some video clips to teach you more about sacred bathing and its components.

Sacred Bath Stories – As readers experience sacred bathing, I wanted them to have the opportunity to share how this process has transformed their lives.  There is a contact form on this website where you can submit your story and picture to share.  You can also send me a link to a video of you describing the benefits your experience.

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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