2 Gifts from My Sacred Baths

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SB-blog-022-300x170I was taking my sacred baths today and heard guidance about how my drinking water was so beneficial and my health had turned a corner because of it. I heard:

‘You always hated to drink water but this sacred bath ritual put you in touch with your relationship with water and now you are drinking close to a gallon of water a day!  This is cause for celebration!  This is like a purification bath for your insides.  It alkalizes you and cleans your body of toxins.  Also, you should mention the app you are using to people, Watterlogged as it may also help them to drink more water.  It makes it like a game to log how much you are drinking.  This is a simple gift you can share with others.

Secondly, you’ve started the practice of doing 5-10 minutes of deep breathing in your bath.  This oxygenates your blood, takes you into your healing, relaxed nervous system and opens you to guidance.  This is a great simple gift anyone can do in their daily sacred bath.  Having a time, place and daily habit makes it much more likely to happen, and as you know, the good things you do for yourself add up.  Think of how good this would be for busy mom and people who are stressed.

I realized I was grateful for these gifts and wanted to pass them along to you.  So try drinking lots of water and doing ten minutes of deep breathing daily and let me know how you feel!

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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