5 Things NOT To Do When Taking a Sacred Bath

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SB-blog-020-300x200A sacred bath is a special place where you release all negativity, raise your vibration and ask for guidance from your Higher Self or Guides. It’s easy to get lost and have it become an ordinary bath experience. So, here’s what not to do (so you can avoid that):

  1. Don’t climb in and let your mind roam to mundane things like food and your day. Stay focused on one issue you’d like guidance on and pray and meditate on that.
  2. Don’t let outside noise distract you like fighting, television or loud music. Make sure for that 25 minutes there is silence.
  3. Don’t stew in negativity, it’s supposed to be a bath of love! It’s easy to think about how someone hurt you or an upsetting situation in your life but that’s what you do all day anyway! This bath has a higher purpose so catch yourself when you slip and readjust your focus.
  4. Don’t do regular bathing activities like soaping up, shaving or washing your hair. A sacred bath is a higher sacred ritual so your focus is just on that. Do that afterwards.
  5. Don’t eat, read or get up to check something. Again, your focus is just upon what you’re doing during that 25 minute sacred bath.

Happy Bathing!

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