A Bath with Hestia

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SB-blog-007-185x300Today I was thinking about spring cleaning and the magnitude of that with my regular To Do list. I needed to be inspired so I invited Hestia (The Greek Goddess of the Hearth) into my bath. I almost wrote The Greek Goddess of the Heart (instead of hearth) because they say, ‘ Home is Where the Heart Is.’ I love it when our space flows and feels welcoming, organized and beautiful. Having said this, I love beauty but I’m not normally someone who likes to clean. For some reason I was nipped by this nesting bug this month. Maybe I’m hoping it will hasten Spring.

Anyway, I laid back in my sacred bath and let Hestia inspire me with ideas about special arrangements, colors, fabrics, what to toss and what to move. It felt fun and light to do it in my mind’s eye before enlisting my husband’s help with the heavy lifting. I knew my kids would be delighted and inspired by the changes when they got home from school. I imagined their smiles.

If you want Hestia to be your feng shui expert and interior designer, just invite her into your sacred bath and listen closely to any messages, visions or ideas you receive. Then implement them.

My new baby, The Book of Sacred Baths has a Hestia Bath that details suggested essential oils, crystals and a meditation to connect with the Goddess Hestia. So check it out!

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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