The Anger Be Gone Bath

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SB-blog-025I woke up and my husband was in a mood. Something had happened with the kids and they were all crabby and distant when I said good morning.  I had a small window of time to take my sacred bath and to set my energy and intention for the day.  Normally I’d try to cheer them up to no avail and I’d end up bathing in that anger first thing in the morning (if it were a situation like this).  But I climbed into the tub and asked for guidance.  I heard:

This is a tub of love.  Ask Michael to set boundaries so their negative energy isn’t yours.  Ask Divine Mother to fill you with unconditional love and self-love.  Ask Michael to seal this love and peace into your energetic field no matter what surrounds you.  Let all lower expectations, feelings and thoughts go down the drain so all that’s left in your aura is love.  Let the essential oils raise your vibration even further.

Remember that when you do this you’re helping them too.  When a new higher energy is added to the mix everyone can benefit without words.  1 +1=2 but 1+4=5 now.  So don’t feel selfish by taking care of yourself.  Sometimes it’s more powerful than trying to raise them up and they direct anger towards you.

Only you are the master of your energy.  Intend to be love and to have a great day.

I set my intention to have a fun day with my girlfriend who was belatedly taking me out to a movie for my birthday.  I intended to stay on my lifestyle plan regarding my food regardless of temptations.  I felt good that I was embodying my focus lately despite outside energies and distractions.  You can too.

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Happy Bathing!

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