The Audience of One Bath

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SB-blog-032-225x300I was on the treadmill before my sacred bath, thinking about decluttering our bedroom. I had a whole bunch of book award certificates hanging up. It made me happy to see them when I was self-publishing my book legacy and I didn’t think that a lot of people knew about or were buying my books. This was a sort of acknowledgment. But, now I thought of making more space and storing them away as a memento.

When I took my sacred bath my angels acknowledged a phrase an old mentor, Dr. Bruce Lackie used to say, ‘Be an audience of one, needing no applause.’ They said to be proud of myself regardless of others judgment or praise. They said that I was better than most people at this but I could grow even more in this area. He said it was fine that I temporarily needed to hang those awards to cheer myself up but I can remember that my Divine team is always clapping for me as I progress on my soul’s mission!

The messages that others can take from this is that we are all on a journey to love and approve of ourselves unconditionally no matter what others think.

In order to be successful, we need this kind of inner and outer freedom to move forward despite public opinion. It’s the only way to create as a pioneer and to be truly happy in the face of opposition or apathy.

So, practice being an audience of one needing no applause and always remember to clap inside!

Happy Bathing,

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