Author Q&A

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Author Q&A with Dr. Paulette Sherman about The Book of Sacred Baths:

(20 possible questions)

  1. Why would a psychologist write a book about how taking a bath can improve your life?
  2. What is your personal story of doing sacred baths? You do them with your husband too?
  3. As a therapist you see people who experience a sense of disconnection and stress, how are these baths a good tool for the everyday person for this?
  4. What are 3 benefits to taking a sacred bath?
  5. What 12 elements go into a 25 minute sacred bath ritual and why?
  6. How is a sacred bath different from a regular one?
  7. What three myths about baths do you debunk?
  8. What are examples of a few baths that would help career women?
  9. What baths help improve your love life?
  10. You have baths for couples to take together too. You have done this with your husband.  How is it helpful?
  11. Why do you use essential oils and a candle in the bath?
  12. What messages have you received in your sacred baths? Do you encourage journaling afterwards?
  13. What baths do you have to connect to yourself in new ways, like a bath for your chakras or a bath to connect with your inner child?
  14. What is the Set-Up Process before your bath?
  15. Has sacred bathing long been a cross-cultural practice?
  16. You write about public sacred bathing at some spas you tried and encourage people to try this in the ocean too. Can you say more about thus?
  17. What are the benefits that you’ve found that carry over after taking a bath?
  18. You include many elements as part of your sacred bath prescription. These include the Law of Attraction, meditation, prayer, visualization, ritual, the 5 Elements and more.  Can you describe how these work together and any research on this?
  19. Is there research on the benefits of bathing or being in and around water?
  20. What is your life mission? Is there a theme to your 20 years of work as a therapist and the 21 books you’ve written?

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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