The Bath of Aliveness & Joy

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SB-blog-052-179x300It was a crazy week. My husband and I are feeling sick and we didn’t sleep well last night. We got up at 5:45 am to get our kids ready for school and then I realized I had a photo shoot for my book’s website today. I felt like I had big bags under my eyes and low energy but as they say, ‘The show must go on!’

A photographer friend Ray was making the hour long subway trek to come see me so I had to get it together, lol. I took my sacred bath and invited in all my angels. I specifically asked Archangel Ariel to fill me with joy and to release my headiness and worries so I could laugh and play today. I wanted that fun, colorful lightness and play to be the energy of my website. I was going to wear mermaid clothes, have a water clothes fashion show on the beach for Ray and spent time near the ocean. I wanted to feel inspired and I knew Ariel could instantaneously help—and she did.

Before climbing out to get ready I asked Archangel Michael to fill my aura with light and energy and to seal it for the remainder of the day. When climbing out I felt like a new person. I was ready. And we had an amazing day. See one of the pictures we took above.

So, if you need supernatural energy or a quick reconnection to your essence or joy, try taking a sacred bath today.

Happy Bathing!

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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