What to Do When a Bath Isn’t Available: Sacred Bathing without the Bath

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What to Do When a Bath Isn’t Available Sacred Bathing without the BathSo, maybe it’s destiny that this happened to me – but I was unable to use our bath for over a week! Me, a sacred bath priestess. We decided to have our bathroom re-glazed because it was $1200 instead of 20K to redo it. We had to leave the house for three days due to toxic paint fumes and then we just used the shower until I had time to fill the tub twice for at least an hour with Epsom salt and baking powder so any chemicals could seep out before we bathed again.

Of course I felt like a fish out of water but I found other ways to make that time sacred. Praying in the shower was still helpful and doing tarot card readings in the morning instead also provided a new tool for guidance. I have the Ryder-Waite deck which comes with a little booklet for interpretation. You can ask a question and pull one card to give you guidance or just pull a card for whatever you need to know that day.

You can always find a way to create a ritual to connect with guidance and your Highest good. I really miss my sacred baths but this was good to remember and to share.

Happy Unbathing :),

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