Be The Change bath

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SB-blog-009-218x300I took a bath and invited in ascended master Mahatma Gandhi. I recalled how he said, ‘Be the Change You Want to See in the World.’ I thought I understood the Law of Attraction but he showed it to me on a new level, explaining that it’s a yin way of attracting things instead of chasing them.

He explained that women birth a baby by merging with them physically and psychologically and becoming One with them before they release that child into the world as an individual. It’s funny because my first book was called, ‘Dating from the Inside Out’ so on some level I understood this but Gandhi showed me other examples, saying, ‘If you want to be wealthy, think, feel and act like a wealthy person’ or ‘If you want romance, be romantic.’ I said, ‘Right now I’d like to lose weight and be healthy.’ He said, ‘Imagine you already are there.’

He reminded me of all the people I help with my coaching and said the more I embody that advice in my own life that I’d more powerfully attract larger numbers of people to inspire. He said that he adopted his philosophy of nonviolence from his wife because she met his bossiness early on in their marriage with nonviolence. He learned from her how to embody peace before expecting to see it in others. The feminine principle manifests things from the inside out first which can be more effective, relaxing and long-lasting to create change.

Hopefully this message will reach those of you who need to hear it. To learn more about bathing with different ascended masters, get my book, The Book of Sacred Baths here.

My Best in Love,

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