Calling all Sacred Bathing Priestesses!

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SB-blog-044-225x300I received some guidance from Shekhinah about my upcoming book launch for, The Book of Sacred Baths.’ She wanted to work with me to become a more engaging presence and speaker. She suggested I study the dynamics of storytelling and how it uses different sounds and it varies the rhythm and tempo. She wanted me to connect her energy through my throat chakra.

Shekhinah wants all women to open to the Divine and to become Sacred Bath Priestesses . It is a mysterious deep place with the rich history of Medicine Women, Priestesses of Avalon and women rabbi’s. Her power came through them and it wasn’t egoic.

She told me my work would become celebratory and deeper and she would help me to speak with Divine mother wisdom, higher than my egoic personality. She said that my crown glowed with her wisdom and my third eye already had deep insight and was attuned to divine timing. Now I needed to attune my heart to her love so everyone around me could feel it.

I have an infinity for the Shekhinah (The Jewish Divine Bride) as my guide but there are an infinite number of forms and archetypes of the Divine Mother who can feed you. The holy Shekhina is full of wisdom, grace, compassion and care. Her mothering love for her children is unlimited.

I live near the ocean now and that nature energy is important but I’ve been craving a garden and earthing energy. As my root chakra connects with her energy I feel more grounded and connected. I spoke to my spiritual mentor Christopher Dilts about this and he suggested I make a rich vision of being in that garden (even if I can’t have one right now in Brooklyn). He said that I could give myself that energy right now and that, ‘the gardens and trees can be in me.’ I love that. So, for now I will imagine the sounds of the birds and the shade of the trees and channel those energies in my sacred bath—a type of internal travel. I can build this vibration in my body. Chris said it’s like listening to Chicago NPR through the internet while you’re in Boston. You attune your signal to it.

I also got the message that I could go to Home depot and get a few plants for my porch and for inside our apartment to bring that energy around me more. This rich green energy feeds my cells and allows me to rest in peace. It will help you and others reside here.

It was an Ah-ha moment to realize that I could have everything I imagined in a house in PA right here now. And that when I embodied this green energy, other ways would open.

Before I end this post, let me ask you some questions:

  • What Feminine Divine Archetype do you call in to guide you and why?
  • What do you most crave in your life right now and can you begin to call in that energy now, while in your sacred bath?

Please share your insights in the comments. Thanks.

My Best in Love and Bathing,

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