How I Came to Take Daily Sacred Baths

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SB-blog-035-300x173Ever since my breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 I’d been much more in touch with my spirit and guides. When you’re faced with a near death experience, it’s common to think about the other side and your soul’s purpose.  I know my soul’s purpose was to be a healer (as a psychologist) and a writer (to share my messages more freely and widely.

I wasn’t the best at finding regular time to pray and meditate and found that I’d get messages at times of stillness when I was alone, like when walking at the beach.

I started doing sacred bath rituals to relax and have quiet, alone time on a daily basis for 20 minutes.  It seemed like the one place that I could go that no one would disturb me, even my 4 and 6 years olds.  That in itself was a miracle!

The relaxation was great and messages would randomly come to me regarding creative ideas and action steps but at first I never knew what would arrive and when.

Next I started inviting my husband to take a sacred couples bath with me as a free date night.  I’d invent different shared intentions like communication, renewing our vows or releasing anger and I noticed it not only helped me but it elevated our relationship. We were actually taking a couples bath one night when I got the message that I should write a book about this sacred bathing process to help others.  My husband was getting used to my suddenly announcing things like this but I remember his face as a bit surprised.  He was definitely used to me writing.  This Book of Sacred Baths was book number 21 in a legacy of 22 plus books I had gotten guidance to write following my diagnosis with breast cancer.  And now it was going to be published by Llewellyn Worldwide and I loved their books so we were both very happy about that!

I noticed that as I regularly did these sacred baths with a clear focused intention I got more specific regular guidance.  I augmented these baths with essential oils and air mists that had the energies associated with my intention and added prayer and visualization to devise the sacred bath prescription that worked best for me and that I share in the book.

I incorporated balancing the 4 elements of water, a candle, incense and essential oils, plus my intention.  I created a sacred oasis where I could get guidance on a daily basis and emerge from the sacred waters with a much higher vibration and focus.  It was a terrific way to start my day.

I wish the same thing for you, my readers.  I imagine sacred bath priestesses joining me in the daily purification of their energy, mind and hearts and going out into the world with an intention to spread love and raise the vibration and consciousness of this planet.  Let me know what you experience!

My Best in Love and Bathing!

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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