You Can Win the Battle but Lose the War Bath

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SB-blog-033-300x175Before my sacred bath I was thinking about Gloria Steinem. Maybe it’s because I had programmed Hootsuite for three months and today and yesterday there were quotes by her. They were, ‘We’ve begun to raise our daughter’s more like sons…but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.’ The other quote was, ‘The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving.’

I thought about how Gloria Steinem finally got married to another humanitarian later in life because she wanted love and companionship and felt that the state of marriage had improved.   I thought about the book I wrote, ‘When Mars Women Date,’ and how it was great that more women were speaking out in their relationships and being more assertive about what they want and need. But, in the end it was about balance.

When I heard the phrase in the sacred bath, ‘Sometimes you win the battle but you lose the war,’ I asked for clarification. I smirked thinking that one could summon ascended masters but Gloria Steinem was still somewhere in her Manhattan apartment so she wouldn’t weigh in.

My angel said that women shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. They could become controlling of men just as men had been to women or there could be another way. They could be relational and have a win/win mutuality to these new unions. This would happen due to a loving tone and dynamic and intention rather than instigating power struggles and battles. Ultimately, men and women needed to see each other as part of the same team; it would just be in both spheres now. They could come to more middle ground and harmony with changes that worked for both people. My angel reminded me of Gandhi’s nonviolent movement and his choice of love instead of power over others. This important for both men and women to remember as more freedom occurs in a new kind of marriage.

So, in your sacred bath, remember to balance your masculine and feminine energies in yourself, in order to achieve it out there in your romantic relationship. Read my book to learn more!

Happy Bathing,

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