The ‘When You Can’t Quite Spring Forward’ Bath

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Yesterday was a sunny fun and busy day. The kids woke up at 6:30 am and we went to see grandma and the cousins an hour away by 10 am. By 11:30 we were on route to meet my friend Aida and her son at the Prospect Park zoo. We all ran around there from 1-5 and had dinner together. Then we stopped at Carvel to order my upcoming birthday cake and came home to put them to bed by 7:30. At this point, it was Saturday night and I wanted some alone time with my husband until 10:30 but I managed to also squeeze in 25 minutes for my sacred bath and had received some messages.

I hadn’t written or posted a blog in three days and writers have to write, so when my husband turned in at 10:30 pm I really wanted to follow him. But, I knew we’d be up and running in the morning again so I chose to go in the livingroom to write for 30 minutes. I proceeded to write a blog about labyrinths with several pictures in TUMBLR but had not saved it yet when all of a sudden my computer turned off without warning and said it was installing Microsoft 10 (even though I was perfectly fine with Microsoft 7)! It said not to close my computer and that everything would be saved. At this point I was concerned that I would not remember my messages and blog (even though my clients say I have a memory like an elephant)so I had to stay awake and wait. And wait I did. It seemed like more than an hour that my laptop turned on and off and I couldn’t work. And finally in the end I could not retrieve that TUMBLR blog so it was all for naught. And because we lost an hour as well, somehow it was 3:15 am and I was getting ready for bed. UGH! I slept till 8 am and barely had time for a quick sacred bath before eating and leaving for our kids musical theater performances in the city.

Thank G-d for my sweet husband who dressed and showered them and even made me an egg. We picked up grandma in the city and met everyone there by 10:30. Then we dropped off grandma and had lunch with grandpa. We drove back serenaded with renditions of, ‘Now watch me whip, now watch me neh-neh. Now watch me whip-whip, now watch me ne-ne!’ I was able to get home and sneak in a 90 minute power nap before having my evening phone coaching clients and hope to turn in by 8:45 tonight.

Although this is personal or ordinary stuff I think working moms will relate to it. We give and often tell ourselves, ‘They come first’ and ‘Do what you have to do,’ which is all true enough but you also cannot forget about you.

There are times when you want so much to ‘spring forward’ but life is holding you back. And taking my 25 minute sacred bath (even after 4.5 hours sleep) helped me to be okay where I was. It elevated my vibration, energized me, gave me a positive context for the day anyway, gave me a little self-care to refuel, helped me bring in a power larger than myself in while being able to center and relax. I have found that it helps me to get through my day and to ‘face the music’ with grace.

And speaking of music, here was my reward—a sample of two songs by our little ones who had a great time. Enjoy.

In Love, Bathing and (hopefully) sleep,

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