The Chakra Clearing Bath

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SB-blog-034-300x193I took my sacred bath this morning to cleanse and balance my chakras to achieve greater balance and wholeness.

I put in my favorite essential oils in my bath, some lavender Epsom salt and lit a candle.  I summoned in my Divine guide Shekhina for help and then laid back to breathe.  I imagined a cleansing breath of life clearing anything muddy from each chakra.

In case you don’t know the chakras or 7 energy centers, I will briefly go through them here:

My root chakra at the base of your spine is red.  Breathe in there and imagine anything muddy lifting.  This is your center of survival and groundedness.

Your second chakra is orange and it is at your navel and deals with sexuality and creativity.  Breathe out any blocks there and breathe in pure orange light.

Your third chakra is your power center and it’s yellow and located in your stomach area.  Breathe out any blocks to this energy and imagine aligning your will with the power of God.

Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra and it’s green and is located in your heart area.  Breathe in pure green and breathe out any blocks to giving and receiving love.

Your fifth chakra is your throat chakra and it’s blue.  This is where you speak authentic words of love and high vibration.  Breathe out anything that gets in the way of this.

Your sixth chakra is your third eye chakra and its color is indigo.  It is here that you can use your divine guidance to help you make choices in life, so your steps are inspired.  Breathe in pure indigo light.

Your seventh chakra is the crown chakra and the color is violet.  Here you are One with everything and you download Divine wisdom.  Breathe out anything blocking this center.

This was a quick rundown of a chakra bath but I have detailed instructions, a meditations, essential oil recommendations and incense suggestions for it in my new book, The Book of Sacred Baths, being published by Llewellyn Worldwide.  Plus, there are 49 other baths to improve your life too!  Please pick up a copy on Amazon.

Happy Bathing!

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