The Clean Your Plate & Reset Bath

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SB-blog-024-300x225I had 20 things to do today, along with a few deadlines before picking up my son at the bus at 4:30.  It turns out that my daughter Sera was coughing last night so we decided to keep her home from school.  I was fretting about how to get my stuff done and still be there for her, which was more important.

I took my morning sacred bath and asked for guidance:

My angel said that it’s good that I make list to stay organized and so as not to forget anything but that I had to learn to regularly clean my plate and reset!  I needed to learn how to then just do one thing at a time.  In this way I could be calm, focused and do it well.  He said to trust that she’s be really good today so I could get things done and spend some quality time with her, and to set that intention.

I liked the idea.  I also felt like my sacred bath time was my ‘reset button’ to clear worry and lower thoughts and to set my intention and clear my plate so I could succeed with one thing at a time.  It reminded me that reviewing things in my head and worrying was wasted energy.

Turns out my daughter was amazing all day.  She drew, read, watched movies and slept and wanted to have a girls day where we went to sushi so we did that for lunch and all went well.  I am grateful that we both enjoyed the day till my son came home and she seems on the mend.

So, remember to use your sacred bath to reset, to clear your plate and to set one clear intention and your day will be unbelievable!

Happy Bathing,

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