The ‘Commit 100% Bath’

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SB-blog-069-264x300Today I climbed into my sacred bath and put in two new beautiful essential oils that I just bought at Flower Power, a store in NYC. They were pure lavender essential oil and ylang-ylang. My bath immediately felt luxurious and sacred.

I got a message from my guides about being 100% committed to what I am doing. I’d run out of essential oils and was low on time and money so for a week or so I’d been taking daily sacred baths with just a few drops of whatever essential oil I had left, with Epsom salt. It still relaxed and centered me but I could tell the difference in my effort and intentionality. Spirit was still there of course but I wasn’t giving 100% so my results were fuzzy. I was happy I went into the city to find the best oils for this important practice.

I was also shown other places that I could recommit 100%. My husband and I fought this weekend and I felt he was wrong but I was told that it was no reason for me not to feel 100% committed in my marriage, since that is a choice under my control.

Also, with this upcoming book, I had been calling around and emailing about book signings 6 months ahead and many times people would not respond. Again I was told I can’t control results, just my attitude, action and level of commitment. I needed to keep going by taking 4 actions a day.

My angel explained that if your energy is 100% committed for a consistent period of time this is very powerful and the universe must meet you there. So, back on the horse I go.

Take a moment today and see where you aren’t 100% committed and what you need to do to realign with what you what in your emotions, action, intention and commitment.

Happy Bathing!

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