The Creating Balance Bath

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divinebeachlove-300x290I was having a rough week. My mom had Parkinsons and went into the hospital with a UTI at 5 AM. Someone hacked into my LinkedIn account and when I reported it they closed my account so I couldn’t tell my contacts what had happened. The hackers proceeded for two weeks to send job postings from me to my contacts and even got their addresses to send illegal checks to their homes. A few contacts were calling telling me to call the police and it was awhile till LinkedIn could figure it out, so that was stressful. My office did not renew their building lease so now I prematurely had 3 months to find a new office. Plus, there was construction next door so we think that’s why all of a sudden there were swarms of mosquitoes in our apt. And, they seemed to love the bathroom where I love to take my sacred baths, my relaxing place. Even my husband was disturbed that no matter how many mosquitoes he sprayed they kept reappearing.

When I spoke to my spiritual teacher Christopher Dilts in a whine, relaying all of this, he seemed to ignore the details and tried to refocus me on my energy and consciousness. He reminded me to look up the story of having a mosquito consciousness, that was detailed in, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi.’ In it, he and his Master were around swarms of mosquitoes but his Master wasn’t being bitten. He was in a yogic trance. His Master Sri Yukteswar said to him, ‘Is the whole world going to change for you? Change yourself. Rid yourself of the mosquito consciousness.’ His point was that a true yogi could maintain a super-conscious state regardless of all earthly distractions.

Of course, most of us aren’t there but I think Chris was trying to remind me to keep taking my sacred baths and to embody that consciousness. The mosquitoes are a test to deepen my practice and divine consciousness. What reality is more real?

So back to the sacred bath I went, letting the mosquitoes bathe with me. And I suggest you do the same. When we are highly distracted and agitated is when we need time to bathe even more, to remember what really matters and to rise above the din. It is definitely a practice of beginning again and shifting our consciousness from within first. Eventually, the rest will pass but it will be less painful along the way.

Happy bathing!

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