The Earth Angel Bath

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SB-blog-037-236x300Today I went into my sacred bath without much of an agenda. I asked my angels to give me a message for y’all.

I started seeing some images, a scene from a movie I liked with Meryl Streep where she belonged to a woman’s club who would take out other women for laughs when they experienced a loss or were depressed. I remembered the scene where the mom (Meryl Streep) explained what a difference this made to her daughter.

Then a remembered a Facebook post from yesterday where an author friend announced that she was in Chick-a-Filet and a stranger ahead of her had randomly paid for her meal! She said she was going to do that for someone else.

Then I saw a scene from Home and Family, a TV show I watched yesterday. There was a guest who was a cancer survivor. She felt like she had lost her dignity wearing hospital gowns so she created her own fun kimono and then other patients asked for them. She’s made 1400 for cancer patients. And she said if a woman from NJ can make a difference anyone can.

My angels were connecting the dots that random acts of kindness are all around us and can seem ordinary, but they are not.

In fact when I was reading about near death experiences and the 3D Life Review process we have when we cross over, we feel all the ways we made other feel—good and bad. This seems even more important than our accomplishments.

We have the ability to be earth angels and to express our Angels love on earth with each other. We feel like we don’t have time but it needn’t take more than 5 minutes!

So take a sacred bath and ask your angels what you can do today! If you don’t get an immediate vision or answer ask them to guide you as you go through your week. You will see signs of people who need your love.

Happy Bathing,

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