The Fairy Godmother Bath

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SB-blog-012-225x300Yesterday my son got on Gold in school which is a hard thing to receive. We wanted to celebrate this honor so my husband, daughter, son and I went on a Monday night to see Cinderella. My son fell asleep but my daughter and I were enchanted.

It occurred to me that most adults wish they’d have a fairy Godmother to take us away from the madness of our daily lives and to point us in the direction of our potential. What I realized from doing these sacred baths is that we do!

We all have access to fairies, angels, God, Ascended Masters and our Guardian Angel, which is similar to a fairy Godmother for she is dedicated to our dreams and development.

Cinderella had to trust and believe in this magic, even in the midst of negative, cynical messages and harsh losses. She had to be willing to exercise her imagination and faith to get her ‘out of the box’ and into her Spirit.   Then, anything was possible.

It was interesting to me that in this version of the film, the prince was about to leave when he heard Cinderella singing from the attic. Most people imprisioned in the attic would not be singing, but Cinderella had courage, kindness and faith in spades, no matter her surroundings.   Because of this, he discovered her and changed her outer circumstances. This ‘becoming the change you want to see’ is the Law of Attraction in action.

Viktor Frankl, a holocaust survivor wrote about how his imagination and faith enabled him to survive in the concentration camp, in his book, Mans Search for Meaning.   We all need inspiration, connection with Spirit and Divine Guides. So, take a sacred bath and connect. You too can go to the ball…or whatever that looks like for you.

My Best in Love,

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