The ‘Fan the Focus of Your Desire’ Bath

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funfanpic-200x300In our busy lives our attention gets pulled every which way every day. You are worker, mother, wife, friend, daughter—from one moment to the next. Rarely do you have a moment of stillness to yourself to really choose your focus for a sustained period of time. And, you attract what you focus on! This is where your sacred bath comes in.

Once you light a candle and climb into your sacred bath, you can focus your thoughts, feelings and intention on that one thing you’d like to achieve to improve your life. What a powerful luxury, for 25 minutes!

So, it’s important to figure out what you desire and to focus your sacred bath around that. Don’t let your mind or emotions wander to what might get in the way or what you most fear. Instead, just fan the flames of your desire and see yourself getting it. This sets that energy in motion and lets you to align with it. Notice any positive messages that you receive from your guides regarding this desire and journal about it afterwards. And before you know it, you are on your way to manifesting it!

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Happy Bathing and creating!

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