Give Away Love Like Hotdogs!

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Give Away Love Like HotdogsI was taking my sacred bath and got this message while looking at my candle of Divine Mother. She said, ‘Give your love away like hot dogs.’ It made me smile and seemed like a funny turn of phrase. This is usually a sign to me that this was not coming from something that I would say.

So I thought to myself, ‘What does give your love away like hotdogs mean?’ It may mean giving love away freely without expecting anything back. You can treat it matter-of-factly like something you do without thinking of it like some precious gift reserved for ‘special people.’ Everyone is special. And you don’t have to measure love or have strings attached to it to protect yourself from giving it. Just nourish people with love daily and know that there’s plenty where that came from. It’s a never-ending flow.

So maybe this new mantra will give you a good context and will make you smile as you go about your day. ‘Give your love away like hotdogs people! Be a vessel for Divine Mother.

Happy Bathing!

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