The Give the Credit to God Bath

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SB-blog-062-245x300I took my sacred bath this morning and heard that it was good that I recently tried to cook. I was shown this image of my Facebook post where I had watched a YouTube cooking video and had tried to surprise my husband with rose apple muffins. They were pretty awful at first and the second batch was better. They said that they wanted me to reclaim parts of the feminine I had deemed unworthy. When I dated my husband, I told him that I didn’t cook or do laundry. I didn’t want him to marry me for those reasons. I had a career and expected him to do half the domestic work and he has.

My guides reminded me that women used to have to cook and clean instead of pursuing their passions in the world so they were at the effect of those things. Now women can choose to do those things and it isn’t the act of cooking itself that’s bad.

My guides said that they were glad that I saw the movie, The Flowers, about Mother Teresa because it epitomized the energy of the Feminine. She cooked, nursed and taught others and she gave away love unconditionally to serve them and God. She did this by choice, not because she had to—which made her especially powerful.

My guides reminded me that I could recontextualize the immense power of Feminine energy and activities now. My Bubby knew that cooking, cleaning and self-care was the foundation of life and it supported other outside pursuits. Now men and women could both be whole and can do both.

I was also reminded that when Mother Teresa was asked to be interviewed about her good works and she said that she was only a pencil in God’s hands and gave him all the credit. She chose to be invisible because ego did not matter to her. Our world needs us both to self-actualize and to serve others. In January, I will work on reclaiming the feminine and I will expect more kitchen disasters, lol.


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