A Group Ocean Cleansing

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SB-blog-045-300x300I went to a ritual for the full moon where we did a cleansing in the ocean. It was led by Olivia Olkowski, a shamanic healer. She had white roses and white carnations on a towel and she recommended that we breathe in their sweetness and breathe out anything toxic or negative that we want to release. Afterwards, we used those flowers as wands, wiping them over our bodies, our aura and energy and took them into the ocean for our cleansing ritual at sunset. It was cold but beautiful. The full moon and sun were in alignment and we took in their power. Then Olivia drummed and we did two shamanic journeys together and shared our wisdom afterwards, under the full moon. It was wonderful doing a cleansing in the ocean and bringing in my guides afterwards. I recommend water cleansing of all kinds, on the full moon, in the ocean or in your bathtub. You can do it alone, with your significant other or in your bathing suits as a group (as we did in this case).

Happy Bathing,

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