Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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SB-blog-006-225x300I was taking a bath and realized that taxes were finally over!   I heaved a sigh of relief. Letting toxins pour out of me into the bath. I heard, ‘Easy come, easy go. Money’s just paper but what if you could welcome taxes as a way to learn, an experience you can begin to master, instead of dread? What if you could do that for most anything?’ My ego scoffed at the idea but then I remembered that I’d transitioned from dreading cancer to living and working with it. I ended up getting through it with a legacy of 21 published books and a lot more wisdom and grace.

I thought, ‘What might taxes teach me next year? What can I learn right now?’ There’s that song, ‘Hello Darkness My Old Friend’ reminds us that we can shift from fear to relationship and maybe somewhere in the vicinity of love. What will you relate to in a new way today? Can you begin to bathe with it? Invite the divine in to help!

My Best in Love,

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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