The Help Me Help You Bath

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SB-blog-027There’s a scene in the movie Jerry MacGuire where Jerry is asking his athlete to ‘Help Me Help You.’  You can watch it here:

Your Divine Guides are saying the same thing to you.  They want you to get out of your ego and the imagined constraints in the physical world in order to achieve your greatest spiritual potential.  And they know that climbing into your sacred bath is one really great portal from this.

So, when you take your sacred bath ask your guides, ‘How can I help you to help me?  What do I need to know and put into action?’  Just this one question has helped me so much!  I began living my soul’s purpose and was less attached to outcomes because I knew that I was co-creating with my guides.  There’s nothing like having a Divine team of support behind you and creating from a place of love and awe instead of fear and pressure.  We are so used to the latter in this society that we don’t even realize the difference!

Your soul and spirit guides knows what your best next step is so get out of your own way today, so be still and ask.  Due to free will, your guides cannot help you unless you ask!

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Happy Bathing!

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