The Leave It to Us Bath

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SB-blog-030-228x300Today I took my sacred bath, and right before I was reviewing all that I had to do today. I was used to plowing through my To Do List but it was 72 degrees outside after having been so cold for so long and I wanted to have some fun and a balance! I asked for guidance before my day started.

My angel said: Pick some items on your To Do List and leave it to us. Surrender and trust.’

I smirked and one eye opened while lying there. I imagined my very hard-working parents and my dad’s expression if he read I was writing a blog about giving my work to the angels.

Well, it’s plausible that some things could happen synchronistically, I thought. For example, I had to write a list of related blogs as places for marketing my book. Maybe instead of doing an hour of research on this, I could come across blogs naturally this week and it would take place easily. Or, the angels could bring me joint venture partners in other ways.

I decided I’d ask the angels to ‘leave a bunch of items to them’ and would see what happens. I’d do an ordinary amount of work and let them have some too. I asked them to give me some signs that my Divine Team was in fact hard at work.

So, think about what you can take from today’s sacred bath message. Pick something you want to delegate and ask for help. I still suggest taking action towards your dreams but involve your Divine Team too so you can co-create together. Notice the signs.

Happy Bathing! Enjoy the sun!

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