The Making Pearls from Your Imperfections Bath

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SB-blog-065I was speaking to my spiritual mentor Christopher Dilts this week about how pearls form within clam shells, based upon an imperfection. The imperfection activates the pearl within. The center of a nautilous shell also needs to be strong and then it protects the creature so it can keep expanding into new chambers. By holding our center we learn how our imperfections become gifts. We need to stop judging ourselves and to learn from our challenges, so that we grow in new directions.

When I had breast cancer, that imperfection and challenge caused me to get healthier and to write a legacy of 22 books. I have seen these challenging types of crossroads help people develop new gifts and sides of themselves. Maybe for you it is a divorce, loss, job transition, illness, betrayal, loss of a child, a move etcetera that with time and awareness help you to connect with your inner pearl and share it.

Focus on whatever that challenge is and take a sacred bath to meditate upon it. Call in a spirit guide like Shekhinah or Archangel Metatron (the angel of karma). Ask a question about what you can learn or do to transform your imperfections into pearls of wisdom to share.

Be open to any answers and after your 20 minute sacred bathing session, write any guidance down in your journal. Most importantly, don’t forget to act on it.

As you walk through your day, remember the pearl that you are.

Happy Bathing!

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