The Messages from Lost loved Ones Bath

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SB-blog-036-300x285My beautiful Bubby with my son.

Last night I had a dream about my Bubby (maternal grandmother). She was the heart of our family and had died at 99 and I was still trying to grow into her in some ways I think. Anyway, she came to me twice and suggested that we do karaoke with her as a family at her house. It seemed like a fun and strange idea—but without analyzing it, I realized that it could be a fun activity for our family. When my husband and I met we both liked to sing and he wrote songs. We used to do karaoke together and had a lot of fun and we even got a karaoke machine that the kids have loved to use a few times. My daughter Sera wants to be a singer and my son Noble loves to sing and dance too. I immediately thought we would try this out, even though it clearly couldn’t be with her or at her house. That part saddened me and I asked her to give me a sign about how we could honor or include her. I do have a poster of pictures of her in my living room that I made for her funeral but maybe there was another way.

What I have learned about messages from the other side is not to discount them and to put them into action. In Inner work, Robert Johnson talks about concretizing our visions through ritual so they become embodied. I believe in this too. Many of us have such great ideas but we become busy and let them pass us by. Air is a flimsy thing but the body is matter and puts things into a denser state of being. So, in this case a message might be something small like singing karaoke as a family. You may be in the bath and get a message to garden. It may seem silly and you may question how it’s helpful but if you trust the process you may discover why—maybe it’ll get you out of your head and into nature, maybe it will inspire your creativity or oxygenate your body and relax you. Your angels know and can see things from higher perspective while you’re stuck in your ego and patterns. So, be open, listen and take some steps to implement their suggestions into your life.

I called this blog the ‘Messages from Lost Love Ones Bath’ because I got the initial message from my beloved grandma who has passed away. If I wanted, I could invite her to send me a message in my sacred bath. I could call upon her Higher Self in Spirit and tell her how much I missed her and love her.

It can be comforting to some to know they can still receive communications from lost loved ones. I good guide to invite it to help with this is the Goddess Persephone, who according to Greek legend spent time in the underworld and time above ground so she is a good intermediary between worlds.

In ‘The Book of sacred Baths’ I have a bath ritual with Persephone that includes a meditation, a prayer, a visualization and specific essential oils. You can buy my book to do that bath and to learn more about the art of sacred bathing.

I hope you connect with lost loved ones and receive great joy in the process.

Happy Bathing!

PS- An interesting book about connecting with lost loved ones is, ‘The Afterlife Connection: A Therapist Reveals How to Communicate with Departed Loved Ones ‘ by Jane Greer

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