The Might as Well Jump Bath

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goaheadjump-300x288Are you someone who plans everything and is afraid to take risks? Would you like to go out of your comfort zone, to trust more and to let your spirit guide you? Taking a sacred bath can help you with this.

Ask your guide or Higher Self for a message about where in your life you can take a flying leap and trust. Then make a commitment to do so.

Your Guardian Angel knows you at the soul level better than anyone. She knows what lessons you have to learn, what goals you set out to accomplish and how your fears hold you back. Ask your Guardian Angel to show you where it would benefit you to be more adventurous in your life. How would making that leap elevate your consciousness and move you forward? Afterwards, journal about any messages or images you received while taking your sacred bath.

And after you take your suggested leap, write about how jumping benefitted you.

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Happy Bathing!

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