The ‘All You Need is Love’ Bath

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SB-blog-055-225x300There were a lot of changes in our lives and I noticed that I was slacking in my self-care this week and gaining weight, after I had lost 60 pounds! I was tired and found myself not sleeping much and reaching for unhealthy foods and diet soda. Even my sacred baths lost focus for a week. I would still try to take them but my mind wandered and I would feel relaxed in the bath but would stray from my intention and sometimes didn’t try and receive messages. My consciousness was fuzzy. I was distracted by my worries about the future.

Then I got this message: “It’s simple. Love everything. Love the sacred bath fully. Love yourself. Love where you are right now. Love your husband and your kids. It’s not about perfection and planning. It’s not about perfection. It’s about calibrating your state of consciousness from fear and worry which take you into some possible future. Love helps you to be your best now. That’s enough.’

Let your sacred bath recalibrate your consciousness to love. Release all your worries. Get present and ask for help.

Happy bathing!
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