The ‘Notice Your Thoughts’ Bath

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kneedeepinsea-200x300I climbed into my sacred bath today after a rough week. My husband got a job offer which required a move out of state. He really wanted it but we looked at the numbers and the reality of moving with two little kids in 6 weeks and finally decided it wouldn’t be good for our family. Still, the process of the research it entailed was very stressful and all the moving parts of it kept popping up for me in my bath. Not very relaxing!

After a few minutes I noticed I was sitting in my sacred bath projecting all my worries instead of focusing on what I wanted instead. Esther and Jerry Hicks sat that your thoughts activates attraction after 7 seconds! The thing that I like is that I notice them more when in my sacred bath. I imagine how crazy it is to let the water retain a memory of and amplify my worries instead of my dreams!

The truth is that this is the case 24/7 but the sacred bath is a specialized space and time where we can practice being conscious of this so that we can then catch ourselves in the rest of our lives.

Do you do this?

What would you like to be imagining instead?

I myself got some guidance and imagined reinventing our current place (since we were staying). We feng-shuied and are adding a second bathroom. I stayed exci9ted and open to inspiration and it came.

What about you?

Order, The book of Sacred Baths to practice this.

Happy Bathing,

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