Sharing My Healing Gifts in a Bath with Archangel Raphael

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SB-blog-023-200x300I took my sacred bath and summoned Archangel Raphael after a long weekend of training to become a medical Reiki Master. He congratulated me on being one of the first 18 Medical Reiki Masters that Raven Keyes had trained to go into surgeries in hospitals.

He said that I was rounding out my healing training.  I was a psychologist for emotional healing, a life coach for behavioral goals, I’d done energy work with three years with Christopher Dilts for Spirit and now I was doing this Medical Reiki work to address people’s physical pain.  He said I was very well qualified and ready to move to the next level of my success.

He explained that there are many levels of healing—mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and even more and he said it was good that I was always eager to learn and grow and to be a pioneer in integrative medicine where healers could work on multiple levels together to help patients even more.  He told me that my experience of breast cancer helped me to know what it was like to just experience physical healing versus all four levels and I wanted that for others now.

He said this was the message I could share today:  Healing is multi-leveled so do not forget to address mind, body, Spirit and emotions.

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