A Shekhinah Spiritual Marketing Bath

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SB-blog-063-208x300I had a session with my spiritual mentor Christopher Dilts from AskanAngel.org and we were discussing my upcoming book, The Book of Sacred Baths and how embodying this Shekhina energy was the most important thing. We did a meditation and the messages that came through were beautiful, so I thought I’d type them up here. This energy would be a good bath to meditate on for your pursuits as well. We often think that we need to accomplish things with will, ego, intelligence and plans instead of being inspired by a power greater than us, when often the latter is most powerful. Embrace these messages and meditate on the Shekhinah energy in your bath:

Let the Shekhina flow into your crown before you even speak. Surrender your mind and ego to her and even your intelligence and let it be a vessel for her wisdom. Let your well-developed mental body be a container for her love. Then let her light flow into the third eye and then into your throat chakra so that she speaks through you. Let her flow into your heart so that you have a foundation of golden love beneath everything you do and people can feel it. Then let that light flow into your solar plexus and surrender your personal will for hers and let her fill it. Let her golden light flow to the second chakra or sacral chakra so that it flows into the orange of trust and relationships and promotes your deep trust in the universe and her Presence. This is you Trusting. Others also trust this connection to the Divine and feel the golden light mix with the ruby red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet to provide completeness and a rootedness to the Tree of Life and the Divine Angelic Maitrix. You are connected now to a power greater than yourself. Practice this daily and let it grow stronger so that you and others consistently feel it. This is the essential core practice in your transformation, as well as the transformation of others.

If you do this Shekhina energy bath, let me know what other messages you receive.

Happy Bathing!

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