Shower the People You Love, with Love!

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SB-blog-038-300x284When I walk on my treadmill before my sacred bath, I often listen to James Taylor music. Today I ended off my workout with his song, ‘Shower the People you Love with Love,’ and felt like it was a sign. Except in our case, it’s ‘Bathe the people you love with love, especially yourself!’

I think this is a good message that’s central to The Art of Sacred Bathing. We release all lower vibrations and bathe ourselves in love on a daily basis so that then we can shower others with it as we go through our day. We are overflowing.

That’s all I wanted to say for today; short blog.

But this energy is expansive and it wants to be shared. It’s from a never ending Source so you’ll never feel depleted.

Happy Bathing and Showering!

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