The ‘Sometimes it is Enough Just to Raise Your Vibration’ Bath

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SB-blog-071-300x193I climbed into my sacred bath hoping to be inspired with an exciting new message or book idea. This often happens. Sometimes I will come away with a new direction in some area of my life that I couldn’t have come up with myself, which to me is ongoing proof of the effectiveness of this process.

Today I relaxed and did some deep breathing and got centered. No intriguing messages came and I didn’t really ask a direct question to my guides, so maybe that’s why. But I definitely felt better, more energized and more alive afterwards.

And just before climbing out of the tub I heard, ‘Sometimes it’s enough just to raise your vibration.’ This made the over-achiever in me smile. Yes, raising your vibration in 20 minutes of relaxation was worth it.

Plus, we attract what we vibrate so who knows what I would now attract following that bath. The go getter in me creates lists but the sacred bather lets God and the angels take the lead.

Synchronicity or not I got a call out of nowhere that day to participate in an online symposium on love and relationships on Valentines Day week, something I had wanted to do but hadn’t yet taken action on. Of course I said yes and went with the flow.

So, take the time to raise your vibration each day and see what your tides roll in. Relax, Receive, Allow.

Happy Bathing!

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