The Spring Equinox Bath

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The Spring Equinox BathYesterday was the first day of spring and the spring equinox, so, chilly as it was, we went to the beach to celebrate. We used my birthday roses as an altar to represent growth and we planted shells in the sand to symbolize our intentions. We even said a group prayer and our son googled the meaning of the spring equinox and taught us about balancing light and dark. It’s also a good time to spring clean at home.

Since this blog is often inspired by meditations from the bath on different life topics, tonight I asked what we could learn from the energy of Spring and the Spring Equinox. I heard that this was a good time to balance polarities and to become more whole. This can include things like integrating shadow and light qualities, balancing our masculine and feminine energies, balancing the energy of appreciation for what is and for what we are becoming, resting and doing, work and play, shoulds and want-tos and more. It’s the best time to think about what seeds you want to plant, nurture and see bloom.

So, take your own sacred bath and ask your Higher Self what needs more balance and integration in your own life and psyche today. Do you need more rest or activity? Do you need to focus on having more fun and want-tos in your life? What seeds and intentions do you most want to plant? Take a few moments to visualize what this will look and feel like when it comes to fruition.

Spring is a time of new life and beginnings. They say that the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb (even if it is the Ram of Aries). My birthday (March 22nd) used to be the first day of Aries and Spring. This year it was a few days early but for me the sun, flowers and extra burst of energy is always a time of celebration. And being an Aries, the water element of these sacred bath helps me to balance my fiery energy.Here I am celebrating my bdayearly on the first day of Spring:
The Spring Equinox Bath - 2
What will you celebrate and create?

Happy Spring and Bathing Blessings!

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