Television Clips

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Here’s a sample of TV appearances:

Dr. Paulette Kouffman Sherman was featured about, ‘The Book of Sacred Baths’ and using sacred bathing to attract your dreams on WPIX Channel 11. See how these sacred baths can help you here: (link)

I was a guest on Fox 5 with Antwan Lewis discussing dating on the Ernie Anastos Show which aired Thursday May 26th from 6-7PM EST. (link)

Tentative dates set for Dec 6th or Dec 20th to be interviewed by Kirstin Cole for Channel 11 on sacred baths.

Dating School 101: Dating School Teaches Singles How to Go about It (link)

KATU’s AM North West Morning Show

Fox 5 with Antwan Lewis discussing dating on the ‘Ernie Anastos Show’ which aired Thursday May 26th from 6-7PM EST. (link)

‘Something to Offer’ on MNN Channel 56 – interviewed in a four part series, 30 minutes each.  Demo available.

‘Straight Up!’ – interviewed for 30 minutes on Channel 67.  Tape available.

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

Click the link below and get your FREE tips NOW!

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