The Test of Time Bath

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SB-blog-008-200x300I was feeling like I had so much to do and hardly any time. I took my bath and asked for guidance on this. As a working mother of two and a writer, it felt like every minute was accounted for.

I heard that when I worried about how to get everything done I went into my parasympathetic nervous system or the fight and flight one which wasn’t good for my health and didn’t help me achieve things much, like I thought it did. My To Do Lists were 26 items long each day and I’d often get to 3 items and carry them over to the next day.

I heard:

  1. Be Careful What Messages You Give Yourself About Time: When you say to yourself that you have no time that becomes the reality. You can flip it and say, ‘there is time enough for all that is important.’
  2. Concentrate Your Attention: It is better to do one thing well than to multi-task three things quickly. Stay focused and don’t attend to other things till it’s done.
  3. Remember that Time is Flexible: You’ve written whole books one your hour long train commutes to and from work. You can get a great idea in 5 minutes in your bath or walking by the beach. You can redo your house in a few evening hours. If you remain focused on your intention you’ll cause time slots to open up for you that you didn’t think were there.
  4. Be Inspired & Informed By Us: Don’t think you need to control everything and do your list all by yourself. By open to divine guidance and let us help you. We may give you new ideas about how to make things work or make room in your schedule. Don’t forget to stop, breathe and ask!

In The Book of Sacred Baths I have a bath on Balancing Your Schedule and other related baths with suggested crystals, meditations and essential oils so you can get answers too!

My Best in Love,

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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