The Celebration Bath

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SB-blog-016-300x300Today I went to take my sacred bath and there was a white daisy in a candle holder in the bath to surprise me. I had never thought about putting a flower on the bathtub but it made it extra special. In this case, it was left to me this morning by my husband.

I’ve been doing Isagenix and It was Day 8, my weigh day and I’d lost 8 pounds! He brought me back a bouquet of flowers and as a second surprise had hid one in my bath! It made me smile to celebrate together.

As I bathed in my sacred bath, Archangel Ariel came in. She is the angel of joy and loves to celebrate! She reminded me how important this is in life. Often I’m so busy working that I don’t stop to acknowledge my accomplishments.

She reminded me of my smile from Ian’s gesture and said it’s easy to celebrate others. We can like posts or commend on FB, make a call or send a card and out a smile on their faces. Often people are too embedded in themselves and their days to do this.

She also said that we need to celebrate all our own little steps instead of waiting for others to do it. This is something I try to do. When I got breast cancer in 2012 I got an intuitive message to publish 22 books and started writing them as a legacy, during my chemotherapy. I started to keep track of my books, writing them one after another and posting them on Amazon with no marketing. They didn’t sell very well and although I tried to write them very cheaply, they were viewed by my family as a hobby, a self-indulgent one. It may have come from love but they didn’t think it was a priority, given that I was a working mom. While I could understand that, angelic messages trumped reason and I knew this was my small way of making the world a better place. So, I had to keep going no matter what criticisms and doubts I received. One way to do this was to celebrate the small successes. I won 15 book awards so I hang them all on my wall. My books were translated into 5 languages so I put them all on a shelf where I could see them. Three years after I started I am working on Book number 21 and it’s being published by Llewellyn, which is beyond awesome! Still, my husband and family are removed. They aren’t authors and don’t know how much work it takes to write a book despite the response. So, I continue to make vision boards and to reward myself!

With losing 8 pounds so far it’s been great to have a FB closed group that cheers each other on. It reminded me of the importance of a support team. I fasted this past weekend while my family ate chicken cutlets and pizza. During the week they don’t cook healthier, yet my husband surprised me in this sweet way. I took this image to mean that people will support you in their own ways and you can find like-minded people working towards similar things if you try too.

Lastly, Ariel told me not to wait for accomplishments to celebrate. She loves to celebrate seemingly mundane things like good weather or great coffee. It makes the day better and offsets the real challenges we face.

The beauty of this sacred bath ritual is that you’ll develop a Divine Team who will always celebrate you! They will never be jealous, judgmental or competitive and always want your highest good.

So, how do you celebrate your life? Start today!

Happy Bathing,

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