The Chant Bath

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SB-blog-068-225x300This weekend was a big snow storm on the full moon. Our family was snowed in and I wanted to do some spiritual activities with the kids. We couldn’t yet go out in the 12 inches of snow yet because it was too windy.

So, I looked up Goddess songs on You Tube and we all belted them out in a circle. It was such fun and somehow the chants became part of my circuitry. I felt that same Goddess energy in me days later. It may be because I was a vocal major in HS but often when I hear a song during the day, I dream that music later that night.

Anyway, a few days later I entered my sacred bath hoping to concentrate on an intention and on getting guidance; but instead that earlier Goddess chant was singing inside me, over and over. The song that surfaced in those waters was called, I Walk with the Goddess.’ Some of the words are:

I Walk with the Goddess

The Goddess, she walks with me

She is the clouds up in the clear blue sky

She is the ground beneath my feet


I Walk with the Goddess

The Goddess, she walks with me

She is the ocean and the falling rains

She is the spark that lights my way



I realized was that this was an auspicious mistake. Rather than letting my mind wander to my day or to distant worries, my body, mind, emotions and Spirit were fully focused and aligned with this beautiful ancient chant. It was an opportunity to use my bath ritual to become the Goddess and to fill up with her.

So, today I highly recommend the Chant bath. You can look up many of these songs on You Tube and just belt them out in your sacred bath. Here is the link to this chant: Have a listen and celebrate with honor the Goddess in you.

My Bathing Blessings,

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