The Detoxing Bath

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SB-blog-014-300x200After having 2 c-sections with both my kids and gaining 60 pounds each time with them. I still had 40 pounds to lose. I started exercising on the treadmill for a half hour and eating natural foods (with the occasional slice of pizza) but being 4’10 inches, 44 years old now and sitting most of my days, my weight wasn’t moving.

So, when my babysitter started doing Isagenix with her mother, I jumped on their bandwagon for a month or two. It was a challenge and kind of a game where we’d support one another. There was a very ra-ra FB group that was supportive too. So, I began and had done well for 6 days during the week.   The real challenge were ‘the cleanse days,’ two consecutive days, twice during a month where you drank a cleanse thing with 6 isasnacks and a number of other snacks but no real food.

I took my sacred bath on my first cleanse day, hoping for guidance and support. Here’s what I heard:

  1. It’s great to detox. This has been a spiritual practice in many cultures including Native American. Think of this as a Higher Calling than just losing weight—a time to slow down, attend to higher calls than lower appetites.
  1. You’re learning to be very attuned and disciplined with this practice. Hopefully you will, carry what you learned long after the 2-3 months where you drop your weight. The discipline is in every choice—choosing water over soda, veggies and healthy snacks over sweets. There is even a fast from saying angry words. The more attuned you are to every choice, the more you’ll hear the Divine.
  1. It’s good that you ask for help. We support this mission and we will be with you every step of the way as you focus on your goals. People forget they have a Divine Team they can call upon to be stronger. We are glad you remember that and we are here, with love.

Amen. And so it went, and I was successful with both cleanse days. I’m sure my sacred bath was a large part of that!

To use sacred baths as emotional support for your weight loss, buy, The Book of Sacred Baths published by Llewellyn.

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