The Discernment Bath

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SB-blog-019-300x199Someone told me yesterday about this book that I ordered on Kindle called, ‘The Japanese Art of Tidying Up,’ so I did. I am very busy but I tried to read it on off moments on my phone and felt inspired to get rid of things and make space. But I felt I had to focus on so many other things like work, the kids and writing and marketing my upcoming book. I had less than an hour off free time as it was and felt guilty trying to set aside time for this. Since I had this thought while climbing into my sacred bath, I decided to ask for guidance on it. I heard:

This process of tiding and making space is energetic and so is everything. Not everything manifests by outer organization or brute force. By starting a process of discernment with your environment where you only keep what you love, you will begin to do the same with your time in other ways. Plus, clearing away things in your outer environment will help you lose weight. So, go ahead. Set aside an hour a day to get started, even if that’s not exactly how the author says to do it. Don’t overwhelm yourself with perfection. Just begin where you are, how you can. Keeping stuff uses energy and enlightenment frees you of these trappings, so make space and more love and light will come in. It’s not accidental that this book came into your hands. Clearing stuff and paying attention to your food and body right now will ground you with all the spiritual work you are doing. It’s important to maintain that balance of heaven and earth in your life.

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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