The Faith Bath

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SB-blog-021-225x300I looked at a sign on my door, ‘Faith makes all things possible’ and asked for guidance on why this was. I heard:

All is possible because a thought with a feeling is a seed and you must nurture it with your energy and consistency so it grows. This growth becomes you and your fruit. God and your angels co-tends that garden with you.

When you believe that something is impossible and you have to do it alone, you don’t ask for help so we don’t help you. You ignore the seeds of your potential and don’t take action. God believes in free will and your angels respond when you ask.

Also, there needs to be Divine Timing to bring things to fruition and there are periods of winter where things germinate beyond our sight. Those are times of trial to keep our faith and to know our time will come.

So, will you give up or keep the faith?

12 Tips To Make Your Sacred Bath Great!

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