The Fill It Up Bath

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SB-blog-028-300x228I was low on energy when taking my sacred bath this morning. I put into my bathwater some delicious smelling Young Living essential oils and breathed that in. I lit a beautiful candle and said my prayers and did my deep breathing.

As a healer I know I had a long day ahead of me. I asked Divine Mother to fill me up to the brim with unconditional love, light and energy and it worked!

I thought this would be a good short blog post about how different people can use this ‘Fill It Up’ bath for different situations.

Healers need to have great energy to give. They need ways to fill up and replenish. A sacred bath is a great way.

Moms need to give and give, often without adult company. They can replenish themselves with love and light by taking a sacred bath.

It’s the same if you’re in a relationship that’s temporarily one-sided. Maybe your spouse is depressed or sick. Instead of getting needy or resentful, ask your Divine Team to fill you up. It removes any need to get it from others or from something outside yourself.

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Happy Bathing,

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