The Weary Feminine

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The feminine is tired
She wants to retire
She’s tired of hiding
Of waiting, of ire

She encompasses everyone
Holding it all
Safe in her center
So no one will fall

She loves in the shadows
Awaiting time to just BE
To lie on the sand
To feel young and free

To laugh in the moment
To gaze at the stars
To surrender all hope
And accept how things are

To give herself, of herself
Is all that she needs
Not alpining achievements
Or following some creed

In watching how the moon
Comes and goes
She finally allows things to flow
And responds to what she knows

Sourcing her feelings
In each moment in time
She abandons alarms
And shuns the daily grind

Like the moon she shapeshifts, in her own cycle
Sometimes she’s full and sometimes new
She rules the tides
As her heart light shines through

She’s weary of plans
Of rules and abuse
She welcomes a resurgence
Of creative love and truth

She awaits the stirring
Of a galactic alignment
As an inner “event,”
Not an outer assignment

The Maiden and Crone
Join hands to dance
In working together
They stand half a chance

After they curtsy
And lay down to snooze
They embody it all
And have nothing to lose

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