The “There’s No Place like Home” Bath

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SB-blog-054-300x300I took a couples bath with my husband this weekend. Our intention was to bond and relax. We both knew that the nature of our consciousness, our clarity, our connection and cooperation is the foundation of all that we would create together.

We called in our angels and said a prayer together by a lit candle. Then we did, ‘The 5 Step Set Up Process’ that I detail in, The Book of Sacred Baths and we climbed into the sacred bath. We did some deep breathing and asked that any messages that would benefit our relationship would come through us.

I got the inspiration to do some toning together in the bath. Normally people tone by saying, ‘Om’ but my inspiration was for us to say, ‘Home’ instead. So, we breathed and said, ‘H-o-o-h-m-e,’ Home, a number of times together from our heart, as our voices co-mingled. It was beautiful.

We got the message that Home is created as a joint frequency from our hearts and the process of doing this involves aligning our joint vision and then creating it outside.

We asked that anything of a lower frequency or vibration like past karma, anger, resentment or exhaustion go down the drain so it no longer blocked us. We asked that only love, clarity and joy remain. I think that same night I dreamt of the sound and vibration of us intoning, ‘Home’ in the water together. I knew that it would have ripple effects for our marriage, and maybe also for the other couples who might try it.

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