Do You Have Time for a Real Connection?

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Do You Have Time for a Real ConnectionLast night I fell asleep thinking about electronics. Both my husband and I check our cell phones a fair amount (probably less than average) but there are momentary checks to Facebook, emails from clients, pictures on Pinterest or him with his political videos. I try to be aware of this so that it doesn’t usurp quality time with our kids or with each other.

I started thinking about a few people I know (mostly of a generation older) who barely use technology still—my dad and mother-in-law have FB profiles now but they don’t go on there much and my mom refuses to join up. My friend Ana (who is younger than them but older than me) recently set up a fan page for her book but doesn’t do any other social media and still prefers real ‘face time.’ There is something nice about that.

Recently my husband gave our son Noble his old cell phone that doesn’t call but has internet and his old lap top that does too so that he could learn to type. I was a bit concerned with this new development because he loves to be on electronics now and I thought it might affect his level of interaction and presence. As a teenager I remember my mom gave me a phone hour and one TV hour a day. I was probably resentful at the time but today I appreciate it and I don’t watch a lot of TV.

So, I wondered, ‘Is technology distracting us from our connection to others and to this moment?’ And on a deeper level, ‘Is there an inverse relationship between our connection to technology and our connection to ourselves and the Spiritual world? Is there a reason that monks disavow material possessions and cloister in quiet tranquil settings to connect with the Divine? I’m sure that it’s not accidental but it’s also not a practical option for most of us.

But, I do think that periods of disconnection from technology and distractions help us to hear our inner voice, our Higher Self and guides.

And how can we do this in our busy lives? Try taking a sacred bath. It only takes 25 minutes of quiet, deep breathing, meditation and prayer to rediscover your connection to yourself and the Divine. In that emptiness you will fill up with love and afterwards you wish to maintain that level of peace and presence.

This mass desire for more types of connection may be indicative of a larger yearning to connectwith a universal lifeline that has unlimited bandwith, transcends time and space and is free. It’s the ultimate virtual highway and collective unconscious, which requires a two-way relationship that we must cultivate.

You will need to be willing to put aside your devices in order to raise up your consciousness and to answer that call.

So, who’s in?

In love, bathing and connection,
Author of ‘The Book of Sacred Baths,’ available on Amazon.

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