The ‘Water Lessens Fire’ Bath

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waterinocean-300x200I am an Aries and a career women so I’m often very busy and passionate about what I am doing. I have so much fire energy that I can be at risk for, ‘burning out.’ I think this can happen to a lot of us in different ways. I may overwork at my career, others may give too much and forget themselves, others may over exercise etcetera. If you are doing too much, you can balance your fire energy by adding some water.

When you make time to take a sacred bath you are balancing these elements by spending time just being, feeling and connecting with your intuition. You are creating space to relax and trust. It always surprised me how productive refueling can be. It allows you to recalibrate your consciousness, energize and come back to things even better!

So, douse your fire with some water from time to time. You won’t regret it!

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Happy Bathing!

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