The Weight Loss Bath

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SB-blog-011-200x300I decided to lose weight in April and May for summer. Somehow I needed to lose somewhere between 30-50 pounds and knew it might take longer than that but I felt I had to start asap. There were always distractions and something major going on.

This week I met a friend for her birthday and the place we went to for her required you pick two $9 items with the show—alcohol, pizza, hotdogs, nachos-no good choices. I decided to do a very structured plan the next day but on Tuesday I was meeting her again fir dinner before she left. She really wanted to check out a particular wine and chocolate bar so I told her I would get a salad and water and she could eat whatever she wanted. I knew I’d have to be really strong and would be hungry after a long day at work but thought it would be a good test. I could balance that line between being a good friend to her and to myself.

The guidance I got was to stay focused on my goal and on loving myself. This friend said before to me, ‘not to be too hard on myself and to enjoy,’ but my angels said to reframe my making good choices as ‘being good to myself, not hard on myself.’ I thought, ‘If I’d been hard on myself I wouldn’t have gained all this weight. I usually eat whatever looks fun and delicious.’ So now I was going to choose self-love instead of temporary fun. It was a step to tell her this. Hopefully I will stay strong in the face of chocolate.

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